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Dental LabORATORY in Australia

An excellent opportunity awaits for a dentist and dental laboratory in Australia. The ultimate option is to bring the highest quality dental treatments at a fraction of the cost.



The dental laboratory is behind the scene of every restorative dentistry. As such, many dental clinics can construct crowns and onlays in-house or outsource them to commercial dental laboratories. However, if you are not trained, qualified, or equipped to restore implants and cosmetics digitally, this is where we come in. For a dental clinic that is equipped with a digital system but unable to mill or process, for example, implants, porcelain veneers, or zirconia crowns, we are here for you. For a small commercial dental laboratory in Australia, if one of your clients invested in a digital system, but you are not, this is why you need us. If an entrepreneur is interested in the dental lab business, we can help you start without capital investments. Also, if you are a dentist constantly putting up with labs or technicians, please read on.

Our Competitors

Our main competitors are the key players in the dental laboratory business in the world. These key players are the large-scale commercial dental laboratories that are offering similar products and services. However, these large laboratories are a constant threat to small and quality-oriented laboratories that are unable to survive in this highly competitive market. Until now!

If you are a high-quality dental laboratory in Australia or a dental clinic that needs high-end crowns and bridges at wholesale costs, this partnership is what you need.

Why Us?

Most importantly, our client retention rate is relatively higher than most of our competitors. As such, we have tested and proven for over 20 years and are now ready to expand our business in partnership with you. Some of the advantages over our competitors, especially non-USA-based laboratories, are:

  • Formally educated and trained technicians
  • Faster turnaround time and shorter patient wait time
  • Consistency, accuracy, and aesthetics
  • Highest quality craftsmanship
  • High-standard quality and original implant parts and materials
  • Utilise Atlantis, Straumann, Zimmer Biomet ZimVie custom-made patient-specific CAD/CAM implant abutments
  • Digital ready (3Shape Trios Ready, Align iTero Partner, Sirona CEREC inLab Connect, 3M Margin Marking Lab, STL Formatted Intraoral Scanners, 3D Model Printing)

Finally, we partnered with international shipping companies, allowing us to service all parts of the world. These benefits are available to our partner in the dental laboratory in Australia.

Need a Business Partner to Invest in a Dental Laboratory in Australia

A well-established company in the US needs business partners in Australian cities, preferably Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. We are a premium servicing implant and cosmetic digital dental laboratory and are expanding our dental lab in Australia through partnerships. We have been successful in doing business for over two decades.

The projected revenue during the first year of operating a dental laboratory in Australia is around $40,000 per month; of course, it all depends on your performance.

If you are an ideal partner, we will meet you and train you to help build the business. However, if you are currently employed and would eventually like to transition to this business, it’s also feasible if you can invest 20-30 hours into this business during weekday business hours. Talk to us!

An ideal partner will have an experience of running a small business in Australia, plus have:

  • A small commercial or business office space
  • Medical background (plus but not required)
  • Computer, internet, and phone number
  • Vehicle for sales and services
  • People and sales skills
  • Invest three to nine months while building the business

Note: This business is not ideal for you if you live paycheck to paycheck. Like all other startup businesses, it takes motivation, skills, hard work, strategies, funds, and execution to reap good results. In addition, you will need our help to give a kickstart.

Why Start a Dental Laboratory in Australia?

For dentists or dental laboratory owners who wish to form a partnership to operate a dental lab in Australia in cooperation with a prestigious high-technology digital dental laboratory, we would like to meet you to discuss our future ventures. 

According to a market research report, the dental lab market is expected to grow by billions of dollars during the next five years. Unfortunately, smaller laboratories will not benefit from the market. As such, most will be saturated or merged with more significant key players.

For this reason, we are forming alliances or partnerships with other laboratories or dental clinics. As such, you have nothing to be concerned about. From market research, digital marketing, logistics, and customs, they are in place and ready. Furthermore, we have been preparing and conducting trial runs for 20 years. In fact, we have tested with a dental laboratory in Australia, for example, Sydney. However, we expect other cities, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth, to follow the study model.

The Benefit for Dental Clinics

The benefit for dentists is that you can get the highest quality restoration products at a wholesale price and can supply other dentists in your cities. Either you can use your current business address or form a new company dedicated to the dental laboratory business. Thus, you have double or triple benefits. It is even more compelling if you have multiple practices or dentists in your clinics.

The Benefit for Dental Lab Owners

This partnership can save your business for the current owner of a dental lab in Australia. It’s no secret that most owners struggle with resources, digital technologies, technicians, and competition with cheap products. Therefore, you don’t want to pass up this golden opportunity; you want to pursue it. Unfortunately, it will not get any better. It’s a matter of time before you find it too late to think of other options, such as this.

Again, if you are frustrated about hiring skilled and talented technicians, this partnership is for you. In addition, if you have no resources to update or purchase digital capabilities, now is your chance without much upfront investment. We did all the investments for you! Moreover, we are looking for a few partners in your city. Therefore, the space is limited and will not come again. Contact us before one of your competitors does.

Ideal Location for Dental Laboratory in Australia

Like any other business, a dental lab heavily depends on local services. Old-school dentists prefer their laboratories to be located within proximity to their clinics. However, the digitalisation of the dental industry has shifted the business model. Since the business model depends on logistics, being in a central location is optimal. 

Continue Threats to Small Labs

The industry’s key players threaten to put us out of business by monopolizing the market. They are offering something small labs cannot offer. They are “bribing” by signing contracts to send all work to them, for example, by providing free digital intraoral scanners, free milling machines, and so forth.

In addition, these big corporations are taking over dental clinics and using their designated labs, their own labs, or any cheap outsourcing alternative to maximize their profits. Of course, it is understandable since they have big bosses or investors to please with earnings.

High Capital Expenditures

New dental school graduates cannot afford to buy or start a practice. In fact, the dental clinic has one of the highest capital expenditures. Also, since digitalising the dental industry, starting a dental laboratory in Australia has high capital expenditures. 

At the same time, working with this corporation offers excellent benefits without investing or working hard. For example, about 20-30 years ago, every corner of the business district had a pharmacy. These small but owned independent pharmacists provided local services such as prescription delivery to the patient’s house.

Eventually, large discounted super chain stores put up stores in every city, town, and neighborhood. They offer much faster services and products and long hours or 24/7. As a result, small stores are forced to bow out. 

These super chain stores buy products in bulk and sometimes manufacture generic products or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) under their own trade label, selling at a fraction of the costs. No independent pharmacist could not survive. Today, we seldom find these independent or small local pharmacies. Sounds familiar? This is the fate of your independent or small laboratory. 

Among the Many Benefits of a Dental Laboratory in Australia

It’s a simple math. The more crowns we produce, the more we can buy materials in bulk and at discounted prices. Also, we can cut overhead costs and labour costs.

Contact us to discuss this today! There has been no better time for dentists and dental laboratory owners alike.

Dental lab in Australia Image

A Sound Business Opportunity for Non-Dental Industry Entrepreneurs

If you are looking for a business opportunity in Australia to invest or start that is not saturated or obsolete by ever-evolving businesses, this is for you. Artificial intelligence (AI), robots, automation, or any technology does not threaten our business. Thus, our business is guaranteed for many years to come. Health care, specifically cosmetic companies, are not prone to or endangered businesses by high technologies. As such, A.I. cannot take over or replace hospitals, doctors, nurses, or cosmetic companies.

Many business employers and employees worry that AI or innovative technology will catch up with them. It’s something everyone will come to mind. It is specifically true if someone wants to invest in a business or start a new business. At least two things in the world come to mind when robots and AI cannot go: food establishments and healthcare businesses. A dental laboratory in Australia classifies as healthcare and cosmetics, a prime example of a safe and sound business.

The Timing is Everything

Dental implants and cosmetics are more affordable than ever before. We expect it to be more prevalent in two or three years. Thus, starting a dental laboratory in Australia is a good time to start this small niche business. On top of that, we have successfully prepared digital technology to handle every dentistry need. In addition, we partnered with the best worldwide couriers to deliver to every corner of Australia. Therefore, we can service all parts of Australia.

Contact us today to set up an initial in-person or online meeting. You have nothing to lose.