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Why does a dentist or clinic need an in-house lab if you can get better products for wholesale value?

Dental Clinics around the world

Why capitalize on dental lab equipment, hire technicians, or go all that trouble to equip an in-house laboratory? Because you can control the quality? Does it? Or simply to save the cost? Really? After all, or is it because it is much faster this way? Maybe they are valid reasons. Until now! How about equipment downtime? Or the absence of staff for holiday, vacation, or sick leave?

Some dentists prefer an in-house lab for the patients’ convenience when they need quick adjustments. But why do you need those frequent adjustments if you made it properly in the first place?

Whether economical or efficient reason, you will find that outsourcing to us will not only be consistent but dependable as well. Let’s meet and discuss your options.

Regardless of location, we welcome fast-paced, high-volume, high-end dentists or dental clinics, digital or non-digital, around the world. With us, you will receive impeccable crowns, veneers, dentures, and implants at a wholesale value.

Utilizing a dental lab not even in your country was unfathomable a few years ago. Basic dental lab business functions such as pickup and delivery, custom shading, repair, or adjustment don’t add up using other than a local dental lab. Did you know offshore labs have fabricated tens of thousands of cases for decades? So-called dental technicians in those third-world countries have no formal training or basic understanding of dentistry.

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Elite Level

Wholesale Value for High-Volume Dentist

You are welcome if you are in a high-paced, high-volume dentist. Our elite-quality crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures are available at wholesale value. In fact, if you have a digital intraoral scanner, we are your scanner away! Therefore, with our free shipping program to our regular high-volume dental clinics, we are only your digital scanner away. We could usually deliver a higher quality zirconia crown faster than your local dental labs. We are fluent in English and Castellano. You can reach us during your business hours if you need to consult with our technician. We are available by telephone calls, text messaging, email, and other communication methods. 

Global lab

Dental Lab Businesses also Globalized

As all other businesses around the world are globalized, so is the dental lab business. Outsource Dental Lab has been a global business for the past 20 years. We understand how global business works and have experience conducting international dental labs. Moreover, we have experience working directly with dental clinics around the world. So, if you are in a dental clinic, for example, in Australia, our technician can even meet you in person. We partnered with a pickup and delivery company to service, for example, Australia, New Zealand, Qatar, Ireland, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and much more.

Why even bother when I can get everything here locally?

Please ask the question. Are you offering your patients the finest quality crowns and bridges? Or it’s just good enough? I am sure your patients will think differently and appreciate you even more for going the extra mile to get them long-lasting and comfortable crowns.


Australia & New Zealand Dentist

We have many years of experience working with dentists or dental clinics in Australia and New Zealand. Moreover, you will not need to be concerned with logistics or turnaround times. Also, if you are a high-volume clinic, we cover both ways of shipping. Although our dental lab outsourcing is primarily for laboratories, we have experience working directly with dental clinics around the world. See why working with us is worth every penny! In addition, if meeting us in person makes it easier for you to decide, it could also be arranged.

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